Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Blog is dedicated to all those out there looking to feel a bond with Roundy ancestors. I will focus on the Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy Family first and then follow with other ancestors in my line. It is a project in the making and I plan to continue to add to it as time goes on and as I found new little tid bits of family history. So I hope all of you enjoy!


  1. Whoo-hoo! I need to get to know this Roundy side better...good thing you started a blog! :)

  2. I commented on an earlier post...
    I would like anyone who has any info on Martha Jane Edmiston to contact me. Besides the Roundy Book in America, they have put out a book about Shadrach Roundy & Betsy Quimby (I haven't got it yet, but I know where to get it). They are also trying to put together a book about Lauren H. & his families... If you have any info or would like to know about the new books, please conatact me at THANKS! Kim Roundy Holmes