Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I searched Census Records for Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy. I was able to find him in the 1880, 1860, and 1850 Utah territory Census. For some reason the 1870 Census didn’t have him. I searched for about two hours looking for any information I could find about Lauren Roundy in the 1870 Census. I looked under his parents names and did find anything, but I found his son, Jared, at that time was 20 years old and living with a family by the last name Wild in Springville, Utah. His son, Jared Roundy’s occupation was listed as a farm laborer, and I am wondering if he worked on their farm the day the census man came. But I couldn’t find anything on Lauren Roundy in that year, which I thought was kind of strange.
I found it very interesting to look at Lauren Roundy’s value of possessions. In 1860, he had 350 dollars worth of land and 1600 dollars worth of personal belongings. An additional side note is my 5th great grand father, Shadrach Roundy, had 2000 dollars worth of land and 1000 dollars of personal belongings. I thought that was quite a bit for the time period.

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