Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Search and Other Genealogy Databases

Doing family Genealogy seems to be an overwhelming undertaking. However, computers and, Genealogy Databases make doing research much more simple. I went and searched Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy out on Familysearch.org. At this websight they have different tabs that help you look in different databases for information about your ancestors. I searched in the pedigree resource file, and actually found some pedigree charts that were quite helpful. I searched in the IGI, and I found dates for Lauren’s baptism, endowment, and sealing to spouse and parents. Lauren was an early convert to the church and lived in both, Kirtland, Ohio, and Nauvoo, Illinois. Next I searched in the SSD Index and actually received a nil result. I did a surname search in the catalog.loc.gov website and found many interesting books written by people with the last name Roundy, but no new information on Lauren. Next I searched on Heritagequest.com and found an 188o census record with Lauren Hotchkiss and all of his family members on it, while they lived in Springville, Utah. I searched on Ancestry.com and found a photograph of Lauren Hotchkiss, that I still need to print off sometime. Next I searched Rootsweb.com and my result was a nil search. I searched Google, for Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy and I got a lot of hits. Most of them were sites where people had posted his name along with some pedigree information that I already have. Finally, I searched for him on the Genforum.com, I found that many people are asking questions about the Roundy’s and especially a lot of people are asking about Shadrach, which was Lauren’s father. All in all, the search was fairly successful, but I would like to find some more personal stories about Lauren Hotchkiss, about his comings and going, and that sort of thing.

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