Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Family

Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy was Born May 21, 1816 in Spafford, New York. He married three times. His first wife was Joanna Carter, and they married in early 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois. She died April 1847 at Winter Quarters, Iowa. She left Lauren with two boys; Bryron Donalvin Roundy, born Jan 29, 1844; and William Heber Roundy, born Feb 5,1845, both in Nauvoo, Illinois. His second wife was Jane Ann Koyle. They married in April of 1848 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they had eight children. The first was Julia Rebecca Roundy, born 1849; Jared Washington Roundy born February 22,1851; and Loren Roundy born November 30,1853, those three being born in Centerville, Utah. Next they had Hyrum Koyl Roundy born December 12, 1854; Lauretta Roundy born May 12,1860; John Roundy born May 18, 1864; Lillian Jane Roundy born and Charles Roundy born on December 25, 1866. All of these childern were born in Springville, Utah. Jane Anne Koyl died April 25, 1867, after four short months of giving birth to the twins. Lauren then married Martha Jane Edmiston in April of 1868. They had three children together. Luella Roundy born December 25, 1868; Mary Ann Roundy born June 12, 1871; and Aldelbert Roundy was born March 16, 1872. All three of these children were born in Springville, Utah as well. Martha Jane Edmiston died on November 5, 1888. Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy died a widower (three times) on March 11, 1900 at the ripe old age of 85 with thirteen children.


  1. Great blog. If you haven't heard of it yet there is a book titled,"The Roundy Family in America" written by Everett Roundy(I have a copy). It has a pretty complete history with interesting anecdotes.
    I'll try to follow your blog and help when I can.
    Michael Roundy, Canterbury, NH

  2. I am looking for more information about Martha Jane Edmiston... do you know anyone who may information on her? One of our cousins is trying to put together a book about Lauren H. Roundy and is not having much luck in finding info on her.
    Kim Roundy Holmes, Lehi, UT

  3. Renée Rich Mounteer recently authored another book on Shadrack and Betsey, titled, "Shadrack and Betsy Roundy, Their Roots and Their Legacy." She references the Roundy Family in America book and adds an awful lot of other historical information. It's really interesting. On the inside cover, it says you can write her at 190 South Canyon Avenue, Springville, Utah 84663.